There’s a misconception that the big hardware stores offer better pricing than a boutique.

Not true here at Riteway Plumbing Shop.

As a husband & wife team with 2 teenagers, we want the most for our dollar too. Michael has taken the guesswork out of the equation for our customers & has streamlined what he believes are the best products on the market for the best price.


The big box stores are owned by shareholders that don’t care if you are happy or not with your purchase. You can complain to the 18-year-old cashier, call a 1-800 #, or haul your product back to the store & demand a refund. At Riteway Plumbing Shop, it would be bad for business to sell you low-quality products, not only would we be doing constant call-backs, but as our customer, you can call or walk right into our shop & talk directly with us. We need you happy if we want to have a relationship with you & your family. To achieve this we start by building trust in what you have spent your hard earned money on. We’re not in the race to the bottom, burning through customers only concerned about profit margins & return. Who has time to deal with a shotty product? Time & money is valuable to us too.


At the big box stores you’re generally getting a lower quality product or spending more money or what you thought was a deal, but end up paying to have it replaced a short time later because it’s low grade & wasn’t made by a manufacturer brand, but imported from overseas. Some importers have even allowed variants to their product because it’s cheaper for them & the quality control is the end user.


To the average person a faucet or toilet are all the same & you can’t tell the quality. They all look pretty & the packaging looks legit, so it must be good, right? Wrong! Cheap brass bodies or chrome plated pot metal finishes do not last & we believe your money is better spent getting a quality fixture. As service plumbers, we get to see what brands hold up over time, how easy it is to get repair parts later down the road & know which brands have the support – in Canada.


Looking for something for your revenue property? We have that for you. Want something down the middle or high end? We have you covered!