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For the installation or replacement of your outdoor hose bib, trust the expertise of Riteway Plumbing.

Our winter weather can be harsh and cold, and most outdoor faucets struggle to withstand these conditions. To ensure the durability and satisfaction of our customers, we exclusively install high-quality, commercial-grade outdoor faucets. Manufactured in the USA and fully rebuildable, we believe our selected hose bib is the best quality for your investment. Let us install this robust option, allowing you to get back to your garden worry-free.

In line with our commitment to customer satisfaction, our store policy mandates that we only install products available in our inventory. This deliberate choice is aimed at eliminating poor-quality alternatives, guaranteeing that our customers receive not only expert installation but also top-tier products.

Ready to upgrade your outdoor hose bib? Give us a call today to schedule your replacement. Count on Riteway Plumbing to bring you quality, durability, and peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.



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