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Revitalizing your kitchen with a new sink can not only elevate its aesthetics but also enhance functionality. With 60 years of experience in the Capital Region, Riteway Plumbing Shop excels in kitchen sink installation, ensuring a seamless and expertly performed job. Our skilled plumbers possess the knowledge and expertise needed to guarantee the perfect installation of your new kitchen sink.

Adhering to our store policy, we exclusively install products available in our inventory. This commitment is driven by our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, making it our top priority. By installing only the products we sell, we actively eliminate the possibility of poor-quality alternatives, ensuring our customers receive the highest standard of service.

Ready to transform your kitchen? Give us a call today, and let our experienced team guide you in finding the perfect sink for your kitchen. Trust Riteway Plumbing Shop to deliver not just a new sink, but a stylish and functional centerpiece for your culinary space.



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