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Selecting a trustworthy plumber is paramount when addressing issues with your toilet, and at Riteway Plumbing, we specialize in expert toilet maintenance and repair. Whether your toilet is running, leaky, clogged, or experiencing flushing issues, we've got you covered. Simply give us a call!

For older toilets, the cost-effectiveness of replacement versus repair is a key consideration. In cases where finding replacement parts is challenging or the time invested in repairs may not be justified, opting for a new toilet becomes a sensible choice. Investing in a new toilet provides the best return on investment for your home. Not only will it address functionality issues, but it will also contribute to significant water bill savings. In a typical household of four, the new toilet can pay for itself within two years, making it a financially prudent and efficient choice.

Count on Riteway Plumbing for reliable solutions to your toilet concerns. Contact us today, and let our expertise ensure your toilet is in optimal working condition.




When it comes to toilets, we take the matter seriously. Our meticulous selection process ensures we offer brands known for their performance and ease of future repairs. We exclusively carry professional plumbing brands, accessible only through reputable plumbing retailers.

Choosing a toilet from our curated selection is an investment in reliability and durability. We believe in the quality of our products to the extent that if you find yourself needing a plumber within the first 5 years of replacing your toilet, you've lost out on potential savings. Our commitment is to provide toilets designed for long-term efficiency and minimal maintenance.

If your current toilet is showing signs of age or malfunction, it might be the perfect time to upgrade to a newer and more efficient model. Our store policy reinforces our dedication to customer satisfaction – we only install products that we sell. This ensures the elimination of poor-quality alternatives and guarantees that our customers receive top-notch products that meet our stringent standards.

Make customer satisfaction your #1 goal too. Contact us today to schedule the installation of your new toilet. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality to enhance your bathroom experience.



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