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Choosing a reputable plumber is very important when it comes to fixing or replacing your toilet. At Riteway Plumbing, we are experts in toilet maintenance and repair. If your toilet is running, leaky, clogged, or not flushing properly, give us a call!


If your toilet is old, it may be cheaper to replace it than repair, as parts may be difficult to find or the time spent may not be worth it.  A new toilet is your best return on investment in your home. It will help you save money on your water bill & in a typical 4 person household will pay for itself in two years.



We don't mess around when it comes to toilets. We have carefully selected brands that we know are designed for performance & ease of repair later down the road. We carry professional plumbing brands that are only available through plumbing retailers.

If you have to hire a plumber in the first 5 years of replacing your toilet, you just lost your savings. 

Is your toilet old or malfunctioning? Consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. 


Our store policy is that we will only install the products that we sell.

We do this to eliminate poor quality products & ultimately keeping our customers satisfied - our #1 goal.  


Contact us to schedule your new toilet installation today!



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