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We have only been selling Gerber Toilets for only a year & are absolutely blown away by the performance & the price point. Gerber is a professional line only sold at Plumbing retailers & take a lot of pride in the performance & design. Hand punched siphon holes on every toilet making their motto "Clean, Clear & Carry" come to life!

Our customers & installers think Gerber is taking over the market one toilet at a time!   

Prices do not include shipping and handling

Gerber Avalanche - Skirted or Unskirted


This has become our best selling Gerber toilet, with its sleek design & powerful performance.

The Avalanche® Concealed Trapway One-Piece toilet is a . The combination of the one-piece configuration and the concealed favoritetrapway makes this one of the best looking, hardest working toilets on the market. Professionals will appreciate the ease of installation and the reliability and homeowners will appreciate its ease of cleaning and seamless look. Standard with the Avalanche® Collection, this model houses a 3" flush valve, Fluidmaster® fill valve, dual siphon jet and more. It's WaterSense® approved with its 1.28 gpf (4.8 Lpf), using 20 percent less water than traditional models.homeowner


Gerber Viper - Round or Elongated Bowl


Before you do anything else, watch this video - Gerber Viper in Action

Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Seat not included.

Gerber - Maxwell One-Piece Compact Elongated Toilet


Looking for a toilet that will fit under your banjo counter? Look no further!


This Maxwell® toilet model uses 20 percent less water than traditional toilets and has earned the WaterSense® certification for conservation and performance. Its one-piece configuration is beloved by homeowners for being a bit easier to clean. All this complemented by an elongated bowl for comfort and some of the industry's finest componentry (3" flush valve, glazed 2" high-efficient trapway, dual siphon jet) and you have a product any founder would be proud of.

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