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Riteway Plumbing Shop has been serving the Capitol Regions for 60 years, providing quality plumbing and heating products and service.


First founded in 1963 by Gordon Fawcett and Vernon Lindgren, for 4 years they worked side by side building up a client base and providing exceptional work to their customers. Vernon and Gordon parted ways, but Gordon & his wife Irene continued on for another 6 years when tragedy struck and Gordon passed away suddenly in 1973. Irene was left to run the business for a year & then sold Riteway Plumbing to Jack Lynn.


Jack Lynn ran the company until 1982, over that time he closed the service department of Riteway Plumbing & Heating and eventually sold the retail shop to Ron Cousineau. Ron supplied Edmonton with supply parts & fixtures for every residential plumbing and heating need.


In 1988 Tony Baviello bought Riteway Plumbing and re-opened the shop and plumbing service department at 67 st and118 ave. The shop thrived there for over 30 years and Tony was the "go-to" person if you had any plumbing issues in your home, always found a solution for his customers. When Tony's son Michael was 12 years old, he started working part-time in the shop, cutting and threading pipe was his main job at the time. Once Michael was 16, he watched the shop every Saturday and full time in the summer. Learning the ropes from the best in the business, Michael became familiar with old faucet parts and repair work. He attained his Journeyman Plumbing ticket, another in Hydronic Heating Design and through the years worked in plumbing and heating wholesale & showrooms across Edmonton.


In 2007 Tony made the decision to retire and live the good life with his lovely wife Toni in Peachland, BC. After working in the corporate plumbing and heating world, Michael decided he wanted to have a go at running his own business and bought the company from his father. Today, we are still truly a family-owned and operated company. Michael's wife, Mindy, came on as Operations Manager in 2017.   Michael has streamlined the products we carry to what he considers to be the best fixtures, material and repair parts for your home.


As a family company with a rich history, we continue to provide our community with quality, professional plumbing products and services. We strive to make your customer experience as easy, convenient, pleasant, and helpful as possible. 



We have collected this information from past owners & longtime customers. If there is history that we are missing, we want to know!

Please call Mindy at the shop at 780-474-7121

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